Category: Wine

Blue Nan
Semi-dry sparkling white wine (Kashrut of the Chief Rabbinate of...
Blue Nan 24K Gold
Delicate sparkling wine Great for receiving guests Serve cold Made...
Chianti Wine
Italian wine 750 ml. 13% alcohol Kosher. Rabbinate for Israel...
Domaine St. Perry Chablis Wine
Delicate wine made from Chardonnay grapes, crisp, tangy and with...
Faustino Rioja Wine
Dry red wine. 750 ml. 14% alcohol . Kosher. Chief...
Golan Merlot Wine
Merlot red wine. Produced by Golan Heights Wineries 750 ml....
Sparkling Wine Cava Gold
Sparkling dry white wine, made in Spain (Rabbinical kosher)
Wine Gary de Marslan (Recanati)
Very delicate and aromatic fruit wine made in Israel (Badats...

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