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Let the flowers speak on your behalf and convey Expressing condolences with you. Sending love your way. 🧡 You've been on my mind. 😉 Celebrating the arrival of... Thinking of you in your absence. You are missed. Reflecting on the days gone by. Wishing you a peaceful Sabbath. Congratulations! (Mazel Tov)


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Ali Dafna - Flower Shop

Flowers bring joy, light, and color to every home! A flower bouquet is a gift that will never cease to bring happiness and emotion. It’s a gift that won’t “get stuck” and one that won’t go unnoticed. A beautiful flower arrangement and a fragrant flower bouquet will always enhance the mood. The nature of flowers is to bring joy, and it’s human nature to find joy in flowers. If you have friends or family in Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Tel Aviv, you’ll be delighted to know that you can send them flowers this holiday season and bring a bit of the vibrant spring indoors (excluding pollen). Ali Dafna, a family-owned flower shop, has been delivering flowers in Ramat Gan for over 30 years. We specialize in all types of flower arrangements and offer flower delivery services in Ramat Gan for every purpose and style. Through us, you can place orders for flower delivery in Ramat Gan for any event, in various styles, according to your preferences and budget. Flowers for Every Occasion In the last 30 years, our skilled artisans have specialized in various flower arrangements, always refreshing designs to match contemporary trends. We craft flower arrangements for the dining table, bridal bouquets, gift bouquets, romantic bouquets, and colorful and playful bouquets. When you order flower delivery in Ramat Gan, you can also add a bottle of wine, balloons, a vase, and other delightful surprises. Let Beauty Speak We love flowers, and we love sending flower bouquets. We invite you to let the flowers speak in their beauty and natural colors. Interested in sending flowers in Ramat Gan? Call us, and we’ll be happy to help you find the most suitable and joyful bouquet.      
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