Category: Flower pots

Blooming Cactus
Green cactus with a flower in a concrete vessel
Burning Flame
Anthurium is a beautiful and very showy tropical plant. It...
Just a beauty! An awesome  decoration for your home -...
Cat Palm Tree ( Chamaedorea)
Queen of the palms with stunning buds growing on long...
Cocktail with Orchid
Luxurious herbal cocktail in a ceramic vessel in combination with...
Dracaena is a gorgeous plant that grows in a bright...
Magnificent ficus with black leaves. It  can live in a...
Phalaenopsis orchid with 2 flowering branches in ceramic pot
Herbal Cocktail
Very  Impressive and fresh herbal cocktail Zamia and Spathyphillum
Honor and Nobility
Stunningly spectacular Phalaenopsis Orchid with 3 flowering branches in a...
Hot Corn
Arrangement of dried flowers in a tall decorative ceramic vase.
Palm Trees Talking
Kentia palm tree with chic leaves on long thin branches...
Peace Lily
Luxurious houseplant with long pointed leaves in a ceramic vessel...
Pink Dreams
Luxurious and elegant orchid Phalaenopsis in pink tones with 2...
Pothos is a very hardy plant belonging to the Luff...
Pumpkin Trio
Herbal cocktail in pumpkin - as a gift A piece...
Red Eye
Red Aglaonema  is dpectacular in its beauty in a ceramic...
Red Inflorescence
Cactus cocktail
A plant that grows into a small, upright, densely deciduous...
Silvery Glare
An exquisite cocktail of 3 silver-veined petunias in a ceramic...
Plant in a concrete stand. It has thick and fleshy...
A plant with thick, fleshy leaves in a special concrete...
Sansevieria is a very resistant plant due to its water-saving...
Trio in Red
Red Guzmania cocktail in an impressive ceramic vessel
Trio of Succulents
Cheerful plants in  concrete vessels. They have thick and fleshy...
White Mist
The Spathiphyllum plant in a straw vessel is striking in...

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